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What you should know when ordering a credit card

If you are looking for a credit card, there are a few things you should watch out for because they can give you lot’s of extra costs afterwards;
Interest rates: Don’t get tricked by low introductory interest rates that some Credit Card companies promise. After a short initial period, these interest rates are most likely to increase substantially. Only select a Credit Card that will maintain a continuous low interest rate.
High late fees: Always check what the Credit Card’s late fees are and when they will be enforced by the credit …

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Debt Management Service keeps you Debt free

While you are struggling to pay off all your bills and trying to get rid of constant state of credit card debt then debt management counseling can be the ideal option for you. This kind of service provides you the help by which you can control your debt and consequently you can keep yourself free from mounting debt entirely.
This service is very much advantageous as you can pay full of your debt along with lower interest rate. Then the risk of being punished for bad credit report by the creditors …

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Build Credit History With The Public Savings Bank Secured Visa

For individuals with no credit or those who have experienced a negative credit event like divorce or foreclosure, establishing credit history can be a real challenge. Without proper credit, everything from a car loan to an apartment or even a job can be denied.
When faced with problem credit, many people rely on prepaid cards to manage their daily expenses. However, prepaid cards simply provide access to your own money, not credit from a lender. These cards do not report to credit …

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4 Ways to Keep Your Long Term Care Insurance Costs Cheap

Long term care insurance isn’t very cheap, but neither are the costs that are covered by it. The best solution to keep costs in balance is to get insurance as soon as possible when premium rates are still low and before pre-existing conditions arrive.
Of course there is still the senior population that can’t benefit anymore from getting insurance early in their life and for who coverage is much more expensive. While complete coverage is something to strive for, there are still several keep premiums low and affordable. On order to …

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What Happens if I Choose Not to Purchase Car Insurance and Still Drive My Car?

Question: What if I don’t purchase Auto Insurance but still keep driving my car?
Answer: What happens now depends on what U.S. state you live in. In most states you will have to pay high fines and penalties when you fail to comply with the local laws about having car insurance.  A possible consequence is that you lose your driver’s licence and that your car will be impounded. On top of this you will be charged with breaking local law and that will be put on your police record. Should you …

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I Had a Car Accident – Now What?

Whether you have a collision with lots of damage or one with little damage, the procedure you need to follow after an accident is always the same. Since it will be more difficult to think clearly right after the accident, it is important that are well prepared so you know what to do after a car accident. This article is a shortlist of the most important things that need to be done after a collision. It might be handy to print it out and keep a copy with you in …